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CNA Classes Norfolk, VA

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According to, Norfolk Virginia Certified Nurse Assistants earn a median salary of $28,242 annually. But before embarking on this career path, candidates must complete a state accredited training program at a community college, long term care facility, vocational school or high school. Upon completion of the 75+ hours of classroom and clinical training, graduates must present their certificate of completion to take the

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Free CNA Training in Virginia

Virginia has a good sized population. However, it seems that many people are taking different career paths other than nursing. What people are failing to realize is nursing is just as good of a field to go in as any of the other fields because there will always be a need for nurses. In the state of Virginia there are even ways that one can get free CNA training by participating in different programs and also by having health care

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CNA Training Classes in Virginia

You will find that Virginia Beach CNA training courses are going to range between 75 to 100 hours. The actual lecture portion of the class can be as long as 80 hours itself. After you have finished the class correctly you will be qualified to take the state examination. They allow you three times to attempt to pass the examination after your third failure you will then have to go through a different CNA training class. One you have received

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