CNA Practice Test #15

Taking a certification exam can be nerve wracking. You will debate yourself, second guess yourself and defy your instincts. This leads me to today’s testing tip. When answering the questions on your exam, remember always that your first instinct when answering a question is usually right. We often feel instinctively that a certain answer is correct. Well, the good news is that your instinct is probably correct. More often than not, when second guessing ourselves, we change a correct answer, … Read the rest

CNA Practice Test #14

So you made it through class and you are preparing to take your exam. Congratulations ! But it’s not quite over yet. Now you just have to pass your exam. I have a couple of easy tips that you can use to help you prepare for the big day.

First of all you want to be sure that you have practiced all of the skills for the hands-on section of the test. Practice even the simple things. Because you don’t know … Read the rest

CNA Practice Test #13

You’ve now completed your training and by now you are probably quite anxious regarding the certification exam that you will soon face. In this installment I wanted to add to the testing tips that I began in the previous test. One of the most overlooked actions that you can do is to eat a breakfast that is high in carbs and protein. And don’t be afraid of a little sugar because glucose is the brain’s only source of energy. One … Read the rest

CNA Practice Test #12

As you continue to prepare for your exam, with each test you will become more at ease with the testing process and will begin to become more and more confident that you can do this ! It’s so exciting isn’t it? Here you are on the verge of a whole new life, a whole new career and a whole new world.

Testing tips for this session are regarding nutrition the morning of the session. When you don’t supply your body with … Read the rest

CNA Practice Test # 11

You began your journey by seeking out the best Certified Nursing Assistant program in your area. The criteria that you used to pick your program is as unique as you are. The biggest and most challenging decision you had to make was : whether you wanted to remain a Certified Nursing Assistant in the State of your licensure. Once you have a career planned, don’t close the book and forget about your plan for your future. Begin to study for your … Read the rest

CNA Practice Test #8

Now that you have completed your training, you must prepare to take your certification exam. Below is a test which contains the exact type of questions that you will face when you sit for the exam. The most effective way to prepare for any certification exam is to take practice exams with a vengeance as you prepare for the “real deal”. This practice test, number eight in our series of practice tests, will help you accomplish your goal of passing … Read the rest

CNA Practice Test #10

Your next step towards diving into your career, is probably the most nerve wracking. This leads me to my next tip on preparing for your certification exam. This tip is possibly the most important for those of you who suffer from testing anxiety. For a few weeks before you are due to take your test, practice some relaxation and distraction techniques. These will help you to be able to relax as you take the test, and will help allow the … Read the rest

CNA Practice Test #9

So, it’s getting closer to the big day. The day when you make all of your hard work and sacrifice pay off by earning your certification. Are you ready ? There are many ways that you can prepare yourself other than just by studying. Incorporating some of these tips will help you increase your chance of success. For this session let’s focus on mental preparation for the exam. The best preparation that you can have in this area is to complete … Read the rest

CNA Training Class CNA Practice Test #5

CNA Practice Test #5

This test is the fifth, in a series of CNA practice tests, that will help the Certified Nursing Assistant candidate to pass the CNA certification test.

1. Your supervising Registered Nurse tells you that Mrs. Gomez in room 206 has been agitated and you are unsure why. When you go in to care for the patient, you ask her “What’s going on today Mrs. Gomez ?” Can I help you with something ? She then tells you that Read the rest

CNA Training Class CNA Practice Test #4


This is the fourth test in a series of CNA practice tests that will help the Certified Nursing Assistant candidate to pass their CNA certification test.

1. Caroline, a sweet patient who you really like, has macular degeneration. What action could you take when caring for a resident with macular degeneration ?

a. You should keep the lighting low in the room and move objects that reflect glare.

b. You should put their personal things in a … Read the rest