CNA Exam – Sample CNA Questions and Answers

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Many people will stress over taking the CNA exam when it is not really that hard due to the fact that it will just ask you things that you have already covered in your training courses. So, if you paid attention in class you should have no problems at all with CNA questions and answers. We have taken the liberty to provide you with some sample CNA questions and answers below so you … Read the rest

CNA Certification Exam Questions and Answers – Vocabulary

One of the sections that you can expect to have when you are taking the CNA certification exam is the Vocabulary section. However, it is no need to be afraid because you will only be asked the terms that you have learned during your CNA training courses. To help you out with some study tools we have compiled some of the terms that you may be asked and even provided you with the correct answer so you can freshen up … Read the rest

CNA Test Prep – How To Prepare For Your CNA Test

So now you have finished your certification classes now it’s coming time for you to take your certification exam so you can become a CNA. You are nervous and have no clue as to what to do in order to prepare yourself for the test. But don’t worry a ton of people get these jitters when it is time to prepare for their certification exam that is why this article has been written in order to help people prepare for … Read the rest

CNA Exam Testing Questions

You may be thinking about becoming a CNA but are not sure, once you have completed the course, that you will be able to pass the exam for your licensure. But there are sample questions for a CNA exam that can be found as an avenue in order to see what is needed to pass. 

If you can find sample questions for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, you will get the sense of what is involved and whether you are … Read the rest

CNA Certification Test

In order to work as a certified nursing assistant, you will need to successfully complete a CNA certification test which is given by the State Board of Nursing. This exam consists of two parts, writing and practical skills test. The state awards the new CNA the licensure that will be needed to practice her expertise in any medical facility or home health care. 

Most of the time, the CNA certification test will take place in a group. The skills test … Read the rest