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CNA Exam – Sample CNA Questions and Answers

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Many people will stress over taking the CNA exam when it is not really that hard due to the fact that it will just ask you things that you have already covered in your training courses. So, if you paid attention in class you should have no problems at all with CNA questions and answers. We have taken the liberty to provide you with some sample CNA questions and answers below so you can see what you can expect on the day when it is time for you to take your CNA exam.

  1. A resident that is known for having a doll one day is wandering around because she has lost it. What should you do?
    1. Ask her where did she last see the doll
    2. Ask the activity department for a new doll
    3. Comfort her and help her search for the doll
    4. Alert co workers that the resident is confused and needs to be monitored extra closely.

The correct answer is you should offer comfort to the resident and help her with the search of her missing doll.

  1. What is one of the job tasks of a nurse’s aide?
    1. Taking part in resident care planning meetings
    2. Taking a order from a physician via telephone
    3. Giving medications to residents
    4. Changing sterile wound dressing

The correct answer is taking part in resident care planning meetings.

  1. When using a sink that has faucets that must be turned on by the hand you should use
    1. A paper towel to turn on the water
    2. A paper towel to turn off the water
    3. Your elbow, if it is possible, to both turn on and off the water
    4. Bare hands to turn the water both on and off

The correct answer is a paper towel to turn off the water.

  1. A resident who is incontinent of urine is more at risk of developing
    1. Dementia
    2. Urinary tract infections
    3. Pressure sores
    4. Dehydration

The correct answer is pressure sores.

  1. When a resident is showing anger, you should
    1. Correct the residents misperceptions
    2. Ask the resident to use a more calmer tone
    3. Listen closely to what it is that the resident is angry about
    4. Tell the resident that everyone experiences anger

The correct answer is you should listen closely to what it is that the resident is angry about. This way you may be able to fix the issue.

  1. Which of the following, if observed as a sudden change in the resident, is considered to be a possible warning sign of a stroke?
    1. Dementia
    2. Contractures
    3. Slurred speech
    4. Irregular heartbeats

The correct answer is slurred speech.

  1. A slipknot is used when securing a restraint so that
    1. The restraint is unable to be removed by the resident
    2. The restraint can be removed quickly if need be
    3. The body alignment is maintained while wearing the restraint
    4. It can easily be observed whether the restraint has been applied correctly

The correct answer is so the body restraint can be removed quickly if it needs to be.

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CNA Certification Exam Questions and Answers – Vocabulary

One of the sections that you can expect to have when you are taking the CNA certification exam is the Vocabulary section. However, it is no need to be afraid because you will only be asked the terms that you have learned during your CNA training courses. To help you out with some study tools we have compiled some of the terms that you may be asked and even provided you with the correct answer so you can freshen up your memory before that big test day arrives. Good luck.

  1. Which of the following describes Aphasia?
    1. The inability to understand and interpret words
    2. The ability to remember recent events
    3. Long term memory loss
    4. The inability to articulate words or speak.

The correct answer would be the inability to articulate words or speak. This condition is usually caused by brain damage from strokes and traumas.

  1. 2.       Which of the following describes Bradycardia?
    1. a.       Slow breathing
    2. b.      Unconsciousness
    3. c.       slow heart rate below 60 bpm
    4. d.      fast heart rate above 60 bpm

The correct answer is slow heart rate below 60 bpm. Patients are diagnosed with this condition when their hearts beat slower than average.

  1. What is the meaning of Afebrile?
    1. A sudden fever
    2. Low fever
    3. High fever
    4. No fever

The correct answer is no fever.

  1. What is Rigor Mortis?
    1. Having problems moving limbs due to rigidity
    2. High amounts of calcium in ones diet that causes bones to become rigid and splinter
    3. When dead the body becomes rigid due to high amounts of calcium in the body
    4. Muscle spasms due to lack of potassium

The correct answer is when dead the body becomes rigid due to high amounts of calcium in the body.

  1. What position is the supine position?
    1. Side
    2. Back
    3. Stomach
    4. Up right

The correct answer is on the back. Supine refers to someone lying face up.

  1. What is the average systolic blood pressure?
    1. 60-90
    2. 80-120
    3. 90-130
    4. 90-120

The correct answer is 90-120. The average systolic blood pressure should be between 90-120 mm.

  1. What is considered to be an embolism?
    1. A bubble of air that blocks blood flow to the arteries
    2. A blood clot that breaks off, flows into the blood stream, and causes obstruction
    3. When one of the arteries clots due to damage and causes obstruction
    4. When the blood vessels burst inside of the head

The correct answer is when a blood clot breaks off, flows into the blood stream, and causes obstruction.

  1. What does Atrophy mean?
    1. A body’s organ becoming larger due to it not being used
    2. A body’s organ becoming smaller due to it being used to much
    3. A body’s organ becoming larger due to it being used to much
    4. A body’s organ becoming smaller due to it not being used enough

The correct answer is a body’s organ becoming smaller due to it not being used enough. Some people experience this when they do not use their legs, arms or backs. 

CNA Test Prep – How To Prepare For Your CNA Test

So now you have finished your certification classes now it’s coming time for you to take your certification exam so you can become a CNA. You are nervous and have no clue as to what to do in order to prepare yourself for the test. But don’t worry a ton of people get these jitters when it is time to prepare for their certification exam that is why this article has been written in order to help people prepare for the CNA test. After you have read over this article your mind will be much clearer and you will be ready to go in there and ace the test.

As you may know there is always a need for nurses and nursing assistants. A ton of people take the classes in order to become a nursing assistant but not everyone passes the exam because they do not prepare themselves properly. Many think that they can prepare for the test a few days before they are expected to take the exam. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. You actually have to start preparing for the exam the minute you decide to enroll in the certification classes.

How to prepare for the certification exam while taking the certification classes:

Below you can find the things that you need to do while you are taking the certification classes so you can be ready when it comes time to take the certification exam.

  • Pay attention while you are in class- This means no goofing off with friends and no sleeping during lectures even though they may seem boring to you at the time.
  • Take plenty of notes- Remember whatever your instructor says they are saying it for a reason. It is important to take notes on everything even if the instructor does not say that you need to take notes.
  • Study- Studying is important no matter what it is that you are trying to pursue. Make a habit to review your notes daily so all of the information stays fresh in your memory.
  • Take note of the topics you are not that good at- You can ask your instructor if they can help you come up with ways to make your weakness your strengths. Also, studying will help you become strong at everything. You may even want to consider forming a study group as well. Just make sure that during the study group you are actually studying and not just gossiping and carrying on.
  • Practice the skills you have learned during clinical- You may not be able to practice everything but the skills that you can practice ask a friend or family member if they would allow you to use them as your patient. Things you could practice on them may consist of taking their blood pressure, pulse and other things of that nature.

How to prepare for the certification exam after you have completed the certification classes:

Below you can find the ways that you can help yourself prepare for the certification exam after you have finished the certification classes.

  • To practice for the written part of the exam you can look online for practice test questions and see how many of those you can answer correctly. For the ones you get wrong make sure you take note of that so you know which areas you need to focus on when you are studying.
  • Study the areas that you may have been weak in while you were taking the certification classes. However, don’t forget to keep your memory fresh of the things you were string in by reviewing your strong areas as well.
  • To practice for the practical part of the exam ask friends or family members if they can be your patients for a while so you can refresh your memory of the skills and techniques that you learned during your clinical.

CNA Exam Testing Questions

You may be thinking about becoming a CNA but are not sure, once you have completed the course, that you will be able to pass the exam for your licensure.  But there are sample questions for a CNA exam that can be found as an avenue in order to see what is needed to pass. 

If you can find sample questions for becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, you will get the sense of what is involved and whether you are ready to take the certification exam.

The CNA test questions consists of a practical exam and a written exam.  Hands on is what the practical exam is all about.  You will be tested as to your knowledge and ability to perform any given task as well as observing how confident and attentive you are to details. 

Sample tests can make all the difference and the best way to pass a test is to know what the test is all about.  You will need to know what you are doing and why you are doing what you are doing.  If you are prepared, you will become more confident when taking the CNA exam.  If you know your written material, you will find it easier to pass your practical exam.  Learning from sample testing questions for a CNA certification exam is probably the best way to improve chances that you will pass with flying colors. 

The first part of the CNA exam is the written examination, 70 multiple choice questions.  Ten (10) of these questions are non-scored questions. 

Following is the CNA oral exam, 60 multiple choice questions and 10 word recognition questions. 

The next test is the skills evaluation exam.  Students are asked to perform five randomly nurse’s aid skills and this will be evaluated by a nurse.  All five skills need to be passed in order to obtain a NNAAP certification.

Sample Questions for the CNA:

When a client has left sided weakness, what part of a sweater is put on first?
a.  Both sleeves
b. Left sleeve
c. Client’s choice
d. Right sleeve
Answer:  Left sleeve (b)

Exercises that move each muscle and joint are called…
a.  Adduction
b. Range of motion
c. Abduction
d. Rotation
Answer:  Range of motion (b)

By being able to take sample tests, the testing itself will be easier to cope with as you will know what is expected of you thereby becoming more confident while taking testing questions for the CNA exam.

CNA Certification Test

In order to work as a certified nursing assistant, you will need to successfully complete a CNA certification test which is given by the State Board of Nursing.  This exam consists of two parts, writing and practical skills test.  The state awards the new CNA the licensure that will be needed to practice her expertise in any medical facility or home health care. 

Most of the time, the CNA certification test will take place in a group.  The skills test follows the written test.  There will be 100 multiple choice questions which will need to be answered; the time to take this test is usually two hours.  Patient care is covered in the written test as is patient monitoring and record keeping.  Included also is laboratory and testing procedures. 

As soon as the written test is completed, each individual will be called on to perform the skills test.  A “model” or helper will be with you so that you are able to demonstrate your skills on them.  You will show the right way to make the bed, both with and without a patient in it.  You will be asked to dress your patient as well as move them in and out of a wheelchair.  You will need to also demonstrate how you would help an emergency situation, an example..a patient choking. 

Once you have completed the CNA certification test, you will have to wait at least a couple of weeks for the results.  You shouldn’t have anything to worry about if you paid attention in class and understood what was being taught.  Prior to taking the test you should have already studied and reviewed your study copies. 

There is no reason to be concerned that you didn’t do well on the actual certification test.  Even though the Certified Nursing Assistant classes lasts only a few weeks, you know you have kept up with all of your studies and feel confident that you will be the best person for any patient.

As a reliable certified nursing assistant, you will be able to work as a Home Health Aide, a Nurse’s Aide or any similar position.  You will have entered into the world of nursing working at any hospital, nursing home, home health care or in a private home. 

Working as a nursing assistant after passing the required certification test is the beginning of a new and exciting career as a professional who excels in patient care field, with rewarding career goal.