CNA Training in Cincinnati, Ohio

In Cincinnati, Ohio CNA’s are known as STNA’s yet they both perform similar duties. In order to become an STNA, however, you will have to still attend a state approved program that has been approved by the state of Ohio. After you have completed the program you are then going to be required to sit for the state exam to prove that you fully comprehend what it is that you will be doing in this field. These classes are going … Read the rest

CNA Training in Cleveland, Ohio

In Cleveland, Ohio there always seems to be a demand for CNA’s in the area. However, in Ohio you must take a state approved course first and then sit for the state exam. Also, it is not uncommon to hear nursing assistant’s referred to as STNA’s instead of CNA’s. There are a ton of programs offered to help those receive the training that they need throughout the state. However, we have taken the time to look at the places available … Read the rest

CNA Training in Columbus, Ohio

In Columbus, Ohio CNA’s are referred to as state tested nursing assistants (STNA). However, before one can become once they must first take a training course to prepare them to be able to take the NATCEP so they can obtain their license. Also, the class that you take must at least be seventy five hours which will consist of both classroom and clinical hours. Below, we have found some of the places in Columbus, Ohio that offers these training courses.… Read the rest

Free CNA Classes in Ohio

There is a high demand for CNA’s at this time. Basically, anyone who has a clean background and meets the age requirement can become one. Many states have it so you can even become a CNA for free if you meet certain requirements and Ohio happens to be one of them. Below we have compiled together a list of places for you that you may want to consider trying if you want to become a CNA but simply do not … Read the rest