CNA Training Courses in Albuquerque, New Mexico

To become a CNA in Albuquerque, New Mexico you must first complete a CNA training course that lasts for at least 70 hours. However, many of the programs that are available are going to be longer than what the state requires. After you take the class and pass successfully you will then have to take the state examination. You have three times to try and pass it if not you will have to redo your training again. Below, you can … Read the rest

Free CNA Training Classes in New Mexico

In the state of New Mexico in order to become a CNA, you must have your high school diploma. In addition, you are required to undergo seventy-five hours of training—some of the hours will be clinical. You can have twenty-four months after you successfully complete the training class to take the state exam to obtain your license. Then every year you will be required to renew your license. However, there are some programs available free for those who have low … Read the rest