CNA Training in Minnesota

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant is to begin an adventure that can lead to rewarding experiences in the healthcare industry. You could remain a Certified Nursing Assistant and have a wonderful career at it. However, you also have the option of continuing with your education and becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse. But even more exciting is the fact that you could even go on to be a Registered Nurse. The opportunities go on and on. Read the rest

CNA Training Classes in Minneapolis, Minnesota

In order to become a CNA in Minneapolis, Minnesota you must first complete a NAT course. However, in order to qualify for a lot of the different programs in the area you are first going to have to obtain your high school diploma or GED and be at least 16 years old. Not to mention the fact that you also will be required to have a physical, pass the English fluency and comprehension test as well as have a criminal … Read the rest

Free CNA Training Classes in Minnesota

Becoming a CNA in Minnesota is going to require you to meet certain requirements as well as take the state examination when you are complete. Not to mention that in order to even begin the classes you must be 16 years of age or older, have your high school diploma or GED, take a pretest and pass the criminal background check. However, the good news is if you fit all of the qualifications there are some places in Minnesota where … Read the rest