CNA Training Classes in Honolulu, Hawaii

 In order to become a CNA in Honolulu, Hawaii you will first have to complete a training course that lasts for at least 100 hours. After training has been completed successfully you will then be able to sit for the CNA state exam which is broken up into two parts. You have three tries to pass the exam but they must be taken on different days. Also, before you can be certified you must pass a criminal background check. So, … Read the rest

Free CNA Training Classes in Hawaii

Since the biggest industry in Hawaii is travel and tourism, it may come as a surprise that the need for certified nursing assistants is on the rise. To become a CNA you will need to complete 100 hours of training and take the licensing examination. If you do not have the finances to pay for the training, there are ways you may be able to attend CNA training in Hawaii for free. If you are currently unemployed you may qualify … Read the rest