Free CNA Training Classes in Brooklyn NY

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Free CNA Training in Brooklyn

CNA classes is something that interests quite a few people due to the fact that they know that there will always be a demand for nurses. People are going to get sick from time to time and people are going to get older and need help. However, for people who are fresh out of high school and have never had a job or do not currently have any income coming in it can be hard for them to be able to afford to pay for the CNA Classes. If you are someone who lives in Brooklyn and have a dream of getting in the nursing field, why not start as a CNA. We have compiled together a list of places that offer free CNA training in the city of Brooklyn below.

ASA Institute of Business and Computer Technology Nurse Assistant Program 81 Willoughby Street New York 11201 Ph : 718-522-9073 –¬†College courses in New York teach the same curriculum when it comes to providing CNA training. The college provides the basic courses that are needed such as medical terminology, how to control infection, anatomy, and CPR in case of emergencies that could happen while you are tending patients.

Kingsborough Community College 2001 Oriental Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11235 Ph:718-858-6400 – The Kingsborough Community College focus on how to train you to work with dementia or patients that have cognitive problems. They provide the basic courses for CNA certification but extend their courses with mental health and physiology courses.

University of Phoenix Online CNA training courses ( 866-766-0766 – If you have enough financial aid you will receive free CNA training classes You only need to apply through the online college in order to be eligible. You will be given your training from the comfort of your home at your own schedule. This is ideal for those who work full time.

Get Your Degree!

Find schools and get information on the program that’s right for you.

Atlantis Rehabilitation and Residential Care Facility 140 St Edwards Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 (Clinton Hill Area) Ph :718-858-6400 – Those who like to work with patients in rehab that live in the facility will be trained on the job while earning an income. The classroom training is provided free as well.

Bishop Francis J. Mugavero Nursing Home 155 Dean St Brooklyn, NY 11217 Ph:718-694-6700 – This is a for-profit nursing home but they are willing to train you on the job free. You are required to attend one of the local community colleges to get the classroom studies that you need in order to earn your CNA Certification. You are earning an income while you work for the company but you are responsible for your classroom education.*

Brooklyn United Methodist Church Home 1485 Dumont Ave Brooklyn, NY 11208 (East New York) Ph: 718-827-4500 РThis is a church operated nursing home and they is a non-profit Corporation. They provide on the job training and classroom studies to help you get your CNA Certification. You are paid while you are taking the on-hands training but not for the time you spend in the classroom.

Buena Vida Continuing Care Center Cedar Street Brooklyn, New York 11221 Ph: 718-455-6200 РThis is a complete care facility that caters to those who just got out of the hospital. The CNA need to know how to work with patients who are having on going therapy and the facility

CABS NURSING HOME COMPANY 270 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205 718-638-0500 – Provides CNA training free while you are working.

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