CNA Practice Test #15

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Taking a certification exam can be nerve wracking. You will debate yourself, second guess yourself and defy your instincts. This leads me to today’s testing tip. When answering the questions on your exam, remember always that your first instinct when answering a question is usually right. We often feel instinctively that a certain answer is correct. Well, the good news is that your instinct is probably correct. More often than not, when second guessing ourselves, we change a correct answer, chosen on the basis of “gut reaction” or instinct, into an incorrect answer. A helpful rule of thumb for this case is : don’t change any of your answers unless you absolutely know that you have marked an answer incorrectly. Your first answer is most likely to be correct. Are you ready for another practice exam ? Let’s get at it then.

1. The Certified Nursing Assistant knows that when removing a soiled isolation gown, she should :

a. Remove the gown by pulling it up and over the head

b. Remove the gown by letting it drop to the floor and stepping out of it

c. Remove the gown by rolling the gown down, so that the soiled portion is rolled up inside of the gown

d. Remove the gown by pulling the sleeve. Don’t forget to shake the gown out.

2. Mrs. Conn needs her daily bath. She recently suffered a stroke and has weakness that prevents her from performing the care herself. You know that you must promote client independence. The most correct way for you to accomplish this would be :

a. Only give Mrs. Conn a bath if she asks you for it

b. Be reassuring, and allow Mrs. Conn to bathe herself. You should remain, in case she needs assistance.

c. Go do another task while Mrs. Conn bathes herself. The client will do as much as she is able and that will be enough.

d. Limit Mrs. Conn to hand washing only. She isn’t capable of anything else.

3. When caring for patients in isolation, the Certified Nursing Assistant knows that :

a. She should wear the same game to take care of all patients

b. She should not tie the gown to make it easier to remove

c. She should be sure to remove the gown before leaving an isolation room

d. She should remove the gown in the soiled linen utility closet

4. Mrs. Thomas is not allowed out of the bed at this time. You need to make the bed while it is occupied. How would you best accomplish this ?

a. Put the soiled linens on the floor until you’re finished making the bed

b. Remove Mrs. Thomas to the chair anyway. It will go much faster that way

c. Ensure that both side rails are in the down position before beginning

d. Ensure that the rail is up on the unattended side of the patient, so as to prevent falls

Get Your Degree!

Find schools and get information on the program that’s right for you.

5. While you are on lunch, you see a group of your colleagues sitting together at a table. As you make your way over to them, you can easily hear their conversation. They are discussing the behaviors of a difficult patient that day. This patient is being mentioned by name. Your best course of action in this case is to :

a. Add your input into the conversation. Boy was the patient ever rude.

b. Politely suggest to your colleagues that this is not the place to discuss patients

c. Don’t say anything to them. It’s not your place.

d. Go back to the unit and inform the patient that staff is gossiping about them. Be sure to tell them all that was said.

6. Which method of measuring body temperature is most accurate ?

a. Oral temperature is the most accurate

b. Axillary temperature is the most accurate

c. Groin temperature is the most accurate

d. Rectal temperature is the most accurate

7. As you are giving Mr. Brown a bath you inspect his skin for signs of pressure sores. What sign would you find first ?

a. Swelling is the first sign of a pressure sore

b. Discoloration is the first sign of a pressure sore

c. Numbness is the first sign of a pressure sore

d. Coolness is the first sign of a pressure sore

8. Your patient, John, is a very messy eater. He has weakness and frequently spills food on his clothes. You attempt to get him to wear a clothing protector and he replies “I won’t be wearing any bib !’ In this case, the Certified Nursing Assistant should :

a. Tell him he must wear the bib and don’t feed him until he complies

b. Put the clothing protector on him anyway, he’ll get over it

c. Report the problem to the nurse in charge

d. Respect this client’s wishes. He has every right to choose whether or not to wear the clothing protector.

9. As a nursing assistant, you can best show that you are listening to patients by :

a. Changing the topic of discussion frequently

b. Respond to the patient when it is appropriate

c. Be sure to correct any mistakes the client made when speaking

d. You direct the conversation where you want it to go

10. When is the most appropriate and effective time to prepare for a disaster ?

a. You should prepare for a disaster as you are evacuating patients

b. You should prepare for disasters during your lunch time

c. You should prepare for a disaster after the patients are safely in bed

d. You should prepare for a disaster well before it happens

Answers :

1. C

2. B

3. C

4. D

5. B

6. D

7. B

8. D

9. B

10. D

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