CNA Classes Jonesboro, AR

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Training to become a CNA is perhaps one of the fastest ways to gain entry into the medical industry. Many nurse aides use the training as a stepping stone to a career in nursing. The Arkansas’ Department of Health and Human Services requires nurse aides to complete at least 90 hours of state-accredited training and take the state certification exam before taking up employment as Certified Nurse Assistants. In Jonesboro, nurse aide training is available for high school students at … Read the rest

CNA Classes Norfolk, VA

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According to, Norfolk Virginia Certified Nurse Assistants earn a median salary of $28,242 annually. But before embarking on this career path, candidates must complete a state accredited training program at a community college, long term care facility, vocational school or high school. Upon completion of the 75+ hours of classroom and clinical training, graduates must present their certificate of completion to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program administered by Pearson Vue. Successful candidates will have their names … Read the rest

CNA Classes Syracuse, NY

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As a small city in north New York, Syracuse is home to many hospitals and nursing homes making it a hot spot for aspiring CNAs. The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) is the governing body responsible for licensing nurse aides in New York. According to state and federal regulations, prospective nurse aides must complete a state-approved training program and obtain certification in order to work at licensed health care facilities. A small number of schools and nursing homes … Read the rest

CNA Classes in Greensboro NC

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North Carolina nurse aides fall into one of two categories: a level one CNA or a level two CNA. The Department of Health and Human Services oversees the nurse aide registry for level one CNAs, and the North Carolina Board of Nursing manages the registry for level two CNAs. Federal and state guidelines require all nursing home employees to obtain listing on the Nurse Aide I Registry – this guideline encompasses all workers including RNs, LPNs and Level II CNAs.… Read the rest

CNA Classes in Baltimore MD

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There are more than 100 certified nurse assistant training programs throughout the state that are approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing. Programs differ in length, complexity and admission requirements, but they all offer a minimum 75 hours of training. The Board of Nursing supports progressive programs for new CNAs to become certified in different specialties. Specialty nursing assistant programs may exceed 100 hours in length, and the areas of expertise must be certified by the board. Specialty areas … Read the rest

CNA Classes in Jackson, MS

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There are several ways to become a Certified Nursing Aide in Mississippi. One route is to complete an approved training program before taking the state certification exam. Current LPN or RN students can skip this step as they’re eligible to challenge the exam without training. People who obtained a CNA license from another state can apply for a Mississippi license through reciprocity. The bottom line is the state wants all working CNAs to possess the skills and knowledge required to … Read the rest

CNA Classes in Fresno, CA

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The medical field is one of the fastest growing industries in the state of California, and of all the career paths, Certified Nurse Assistants are most in demand. CNAs in Fresno earn a decent salary and have a rewarding career serving others. If you’re considering this career path as an option, you should be familiar with the state’s requirements before enrolling in one of the local training programs. Firstly, the state exceeds the federal mandates as it relates to licensing … Read the rest

CNA Training Classes in Maryland

Deciding to become a CNA can be exciting. There are many programs available, with many different formats, lengths and cost ranges. Your first consideration in this matter should be whether or not the program that you are considering meets Maryland’s standards for CNA certification, and whether the program is approved, or accredited. A CNA program in Maryland must be 100 hours in length to meet approval. The program also must covered all mandated skills.

Once you have determined the accreditation Read the rest

CNA Practice Test #15

Taking a certification exam can be nerve wracking. You will debate yourself, second guess yourself and defy your instincts. This leads me to today’s testing tip. When answering the questions on your exam, remember always that your first instinct when answering a question is usually right. We often feel instinctively that a certain answer is correct. Well, the good news is that your instinct is probably correct. More often than not, when second guessing ourselves, we change a correct answer, … Read the rest

CNA Practice Test #14

So you made it through class and you are preparing to take your exam. Congratulations ! But it’s not quite over yet. Now you just have to pass your exam. I have a couple of easy tips that you can use to help you prepare for the big day.

First of all you want to be sure that you have practiced all of the skills for the hands-on section of the test. Practice even the simple things. Because you don’t know … Read the rest